Interview Fail

An article on had some great advice on how to know when an you are NOT 'winning' an interview.

To Summarize:

  1. You’re only getting easy questions.
  2. The interviewer doesn’t ask about your availability to start.
  3. The interviewer doesn’t discuss the rest of the hiring process.
  4. Your interview is shorter than scheduled.

Of course sometimes 1 of things could happen in an interview and you could still get the job, but its a helpful 'rule of thumb' to keep in mind when you are interviewing. When you start to feel like the interview isn't going as well as you hoped, try to jump in and take control of the interview by asking relevant questions and showcasing your strengths. Relate to the interview when appropriate and be congenial. You never want to burn a bridge (even if you think its a sinking ship) because they might be open to considering you for a different position if this one is not a fit.

Read the full article here.


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