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Beyond Blue – How to Deal with Stress at Work

Are you trying to figure out how to deal with stress at work? Then trust me, you’re not alone! Thousands of Americans are affected by work related stress on a daily basis, and a constant barrage of this stress could cause severe instability in your life. Yes of course, many people like to say that “it’s...
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Resume Dilemma: Job Termination and Your Resume

Your employer just let you go. You need to find another job, but how should you handle your termination on your resume? The days when you signed on with a company and stayed with it until retirement are gone. In today's climate, employers are much more understanding when they see a less-than-perfect work chronology. Follow these...
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How to Follow Up on Your Job Application

You’ve invested a lot of time in your job search – researching job openings, identifying companies, perfecting your resume, and sharpening your interview skills. Now, you’re ready to take the first big step. You’ve found a perfect role just opened at your dream company. Meticulously, you complete the online application, attach your cover letter and resume and send everything off! Now what? You should proactively...
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6 Ways to Re-Focus in an Open Office Environment

Whether you believe that open floor plans are a “gigantic experiment in willful delusion” or not, the fact remains: you probably work in one. As more than 70 percent of the offices in this country TEAR DOWN THOSE (cubicle) WALLS, we are left to pick up the pieces. And while there are plenty of articles talking about how to be...
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6 Ways To Be More Persuasive

A few weeks ago, Kelly brought up the importance of asking for what you want. While she totally inspired us to step up and speak our minds, she also got us wondering: Are there any tricks to effectively winning over your audience to ensure that in addition to asking for what you want, you actually get it? I dusted off my old college...
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How To Be a Pro at Traveling for Work, From Four Experts

March 8 is International Women's Day, so we're obviously all about that. What better way to celebrate it than by discussing how we can better plan our own travels the world over?

That's why we asked some of our mentors for their best advice on how to plan a work trip. They're all women who...
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5 Things Not to Say When Negotiating Your Salary

When you’re asked that dreaded question about your current salary during an interview and what you’d like to earn, it’s important to be prepared so you don’t underbid yourself. Have an idea for what you’d like to earn, but keep in mind that your salary is negotiable. In general, the initial offer is a starting point for...
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7 Struggles Every Extrovert Understands

In our hyper-social culture, which tends to favor outgoing personalities (not to mention nonstop connectivity and networking), there's an unfortunate stigma that surrounds introverts; it’s generally perceived as less advantageous to be one. But as it turns out, extroverts (myself included) face an entirely different set of social struggles and judgments:

1. You’re apparently not allowed to...

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Why You’re Not Getting Promoted & How To Fix It

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entry-level employee or a seasoned, senior staff member — we all want to make a strong impression in the workplace. After all, we’ll never receive that promotion if our contributions aren’t getting noticed! Here are six simple methods you can use to highlight your achievements while maintaining pursuit of that...
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