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Here’s how to get what you want from difficult people

To deal with difficult people, first recognize that difficult people are simply people who don’t feel safe.

Psychological safety is a technical-sounding term that is getting thrown around a lot recently. Google discovered that psychological safety was the one thing that was present in productive teams. When psychological safety wasn’t present, teams...

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16 Hot Jobs Paying Over $100K Hiring Today

Think you have to be an engineer to earn six-figures? Think again! From marketing to sales, beauty to business, companies are shelling out competitive compensation packages for top talent. If you’ve got the skills, experience, and the hustle, you too can earn more than you ever have before. We browse thousands of jobs on Glassdoor (among...
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What words should you never say when being interviewed for a job?

Here are a few that are considered “red flag words” by interviewers. Avoid these because these words don’t do you any favors. I’ve listed alternatives to use instead!

Perfectionist – another word for "procrastinator."

These people often put off work because they are daunted by the expectations. They begin to write a...

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Why Women Should Invest and How to Get Started

Lately, women hear a lot about gaps: how to combat the gender pay gap, how to avoid a resumé gap when you take time off to raise children, whether or not a thigh gap matters (it doesn’t). One “gap” that isn’t discussed enough is the gender investing gap.

Women Are Less Likely to...

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