5 Follow-up Emails That Scare Hiring Managers

Came across a great article on Muse.com today, "5 Follow-up Emails That Scare Hiring Managers (and What to Write Instead)".

Here is a quick summary of what not to send in your follow-up email:

  1. You Said You’d Get Back to Me on Monday, and It’s Tuesday.
  2. Why Haven’t You Gotten Back to Me?
  3. I’d Really Appreciate Any Response Whatsoever.
  4. I Have Another Offer. Do You Have a Decision Yet?
  5. I’m Disappointed You Never Wrote Me Back.

The underlying theme here is don't look desperate. Although you want answers, it hurts you more than it helps you to barrage the recruiter/hiring manager with questions and forcing them to fit your timeline.

Read the full article here.


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