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9 Signs You Nailed the Interview

If there’s one thing that drives people crazy when applying to jobs, it’s the uncertainty. Of course, you always want to get a job offer, but if recruiters give you prompt feedback on your application status — even if it’s negative — you can generally deal with it pretty well. Those...

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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream Job If You’re Missing One Essential Skill

You've just come across the perfect job listing. It's at a great company, you have the right background and professional experience, and it's at the career level you're looking for. There's only one problem: You're missing an essential required skill.

You might feel tempted to walk away from your dream job because you don't think...
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14 Habits of Successful People to Make Your Own

Success isn’t something that happens to us, it’s something we make happen. Here are fourteen habits that successful people embrace.

1. They Build Habits to Meet Their Goals

Having life goals is great, but those goals alone won’t carry you anywhere unless you create habits that help you make them reality. If your goal is to improve...
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10 Highly Competitive Cities With an Influx of Job Seekers

Moving for a job is a big decision. Many factors go into the choice to pick up everything and head to a new city for a gig, but the fact remains that there are certain places in the country that are just more attractive to job seekers than others. They’re home to companies...

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Here’s how to get what you want from difficult people

To deal with difficult people, first recognize that difficult people are simply people who don’t feel safe.

Psychological safety is a technical-sounding term that is getting thrown around a lot recently. Google discovered that psychological safety was the one thing that was present in productive teams. When psychological safety wasn’t present, teams...

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16 Hot Jobs Paying Over $100K Hiring Today

Think you have to be an engineer to earn six-figures? Think again! From marketing to sales, beauty to business, companies are shelling out competitive compensation packages for top talent. If you’ve got the skills, experience, and the hustle, you too can earn more than you ever have before. We browse thousands of jobs on Glassdoor (among...
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