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Why Women Should Invest and How to Get Started

Lately, women hear a lot about gaps: how to combat the gender pay gap, how to avoid a resumé gap when you take time off to raise children, whether or not a thigh gap matters (it doesn’t). One “gap” that isn’t discussed enough is the gender investing gap.

Women Are Less Likely to...

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Emergency Funds: An Ultimate Guide

Financial Emergency Fund Challenges and Solutions

The American Dream for the past 60 to 70 years, ever since the Great Depression, has been that money can buy everything, including happiness. Buying brand name items has become a way to be seen as successful, the person who has it all. Whether a Ford or a Rolls Royce, at...
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Why You’re Not Getting Promoted & How To Fix It

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entry-level employee or a seasoned, senior staff member — we all want to make a strong impression in the workplace. After all, we’ll never receive that promotion if our contributions aren’t getting noticed! Here are six simple methods you can use to highlight your achievements while maintaining pursuit of that...
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Startup recruiting: Play the “Game of Weakness”

Interviews are like first dates, where the candidate and the interviewer try to pass off the best versions of themselves. Candidates sell you on their immaculate resumes, and some canned responses. You sell them on unlimited coconut water, and a foosball table. No one really knows if it’ll work out or not. But the burden of proof falls...
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So What’s An Emergency Fund (And How Do I Get One?)

Ok so, first things first: your savings account is not your emergency savings account.

I’ll say it another way: it’s super important to have a basic savings account, but it’s equally as important to have a “hidden stash”—that savings account that’s truly reserved for an unexpected life event. Think: job loss, unexpected car implosion, sudden...
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Work Remotely? Here’s How to Get that Promotion

Working remotely has it perks, but it’s also easy to be forgotten. While telecommuting has become an accepted practice for all size companies, moving up when you work from home can sometimes be harder to do. After all, remote workers have to be self-promoters if they want to get ahead when they aren’t in the office on...
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Many College Graduates Not Equipped for Workplace Success

  • Not all college graduates had high-quality college experiences
  • Key college experiences link to workplace engagement
  • Time to look beyond grades, test scores and resumes
  Most employers hiring college graduates take it for granted that these candidates are more qualified than other potential employees who don't have a degree. Many job postings emphasize a college degree...
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7 Things Every Postgraduate Needs to Do ASAP (Other Than Get a Job)

Yes, getting a job is important—but don’t waste this time fretting over your computer screen. My graduation with a degree in philosophy was tainted with trepidation about the future. With a six-month deadline before my student loan payments kicked in and the threat of living with my parents for life hanging over my head, I was...
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