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Everything You Need To Know About Job Interviews

Job interviews are the worst. Good thing we've got tons of real talk tips.
Career Contessa has been writing articles about everything career-related for years now so we figured we'd round up some of the best advice on our favorite topics. 'Cause you know, who wants to go wading through the archives?

We're calling...

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6 Rookie Mistakes When Answering Interview Questions

Congratulations! You’ve landed an interview for what will (hopefully) be your first-ever full-time job. Now only one thing stands between you and that first gig: the ever-important interview. If you don’t have much prior interview experience (or if it’s been a while since you’ve done one), an interview can seem a little intimidating. Whether it’s in...
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5 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

These days, video-based job interviews are becoming more frequent, but they’re still far from the norm. If and when you get a notification that an interview won’t be in-person, it will likely create some additional anxiety. And let’s face it: interviews are already stressful enough! Whether it’s conducted by a live video conference, via Skype for example,...
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Why Do So Many Developers FAIL the Interview Code Exercises?

One hiring manager’s lament...

  Code exercises. They’re nearly inescapable today. Hiring managers insist on ‘seeing’ what you can do before scheduling an interview. And there’s good reason, too. In my experience, approximately 80% of all engineering candidates fail their initial code exercise, therefore who wants to schedule an hour out of their day for a candidate who...
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Why You Should Never Walk Into a Job Interview Empty-Handed

How to create your own marketing toolkit to leave with employers.

First impressions matter. A job interview is indeed your first opportunity to impress upon a prospective employer just how amazing you are. And yet many people make one really simple, easy-to-fix mistake that sets the tone for the entire thing: They walk...

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Interview Follow-Up: Do it better

You know how to research companies, how to tweak your resume and even how to answer tough interview questions. But do you really know how to follow-up after the interview? If you’ve been invited to interview it means the company is already interested in you. You will either seal the deal or blow the show. What...
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5 Incredible Ways to Help You Beat Anxiety in a Job Interview

Even while seated at the reception, the thought of you going into the interview room is enough to make you sweat profusely. So you sit there and hope the receptionist or the other candidates do not notice how nervous and sweaty you are. Truth is, if this hasn't happened to you, then you know at least...
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5 Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job

A brand new client of mine lost out on a job because he stopped to tie his shoes.
He was interviewing at a Fortune 500 company that has a zero tolerance policy for lateness for current employees. As for potential employees? Let’s just say that if you’re late for an...
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