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Why This Economist Says Now Is The Best Time to Find a New Job

“It’s a job seeker’s market.” It’s the phrase continually thrown around to describe today’s economy, but how does it translate into action for you, the job seeker? How confident should you actually be in leaving your previous job in search of a new role? Have no fear — Glassdoor Chief Economist, Read more

Vital Questions to Ask Yourself When Changing Jobs

Perhaps you've worked the same job for ages and aren't happy anymore. One day, life decides to turn your world upside down with a reality check. You ask yourself: “Is this what I really want to be doing with the rest of my life?” You find yourself checking job listings at odd times during the...
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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream Job If You’re Missing One Essential Skill

You've just come across the perfect job listing. It's at a great company, you have the right background and professional experience, and it's at the career level you're looking for. There's only one problem: You're missing an essential required skill.

You might feel tempted to walk away from your dream job because you don't think...
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10 Highly Competitive Cities With an Influx of Job Seekers

Moving for a job is a big decision. Many factors go into the choice to pick up everything and head to a new city for a gig, but the fact remains that there are certain places in the country that are just more attractive to job seekers than others. They’re home to companies...

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16 Hot Jobs Paying Over $100K Hiring Today

Think you have to be an engineer to earn six-figures? Think again! From marketing to sales, beauty to business, companies are shelling out competitive compensation packages for top talent. If you’ve got the skills, experience, and the hustle, you too can earn more than you ever have before. We browse thousands of jobs on Glassdoor (among...
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How to re-enter the workforce after a long absence

Useful Advice for those re-entering the workforce after a long absence

Returning to the world of work after a long absence can be a very daunting prospect. Like any major life change it is surrounded by uncertainty, excitement, and often, a number of concerns. It can be hard to know where to start or what to...
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Can I Change My Mind After Accepting A Job Offer?

Do you owe it to a future employer to follow through on taking a position if you are having second thoughts? Is backing out a career killer?

Everyone second-guesses a decision at some point. While some things like choosing a bad restaurant or getting stuck in traffic have very minor consequences on your life, other...
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6 Victim Mentalities to Fight During Your Job Search

Everyone looks at the world through different filters based on their upbringing, environment, experience and attitude. The victim mentality is one of those unfortunate lenses that even experienced professionals sometimes play into when searching for a job.  When you’re on a job hunt, don’t chase your tail by giving in to victim mentalities. Outside circumstances...
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