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New LinkedIn Features You Should Know About

You may be missing out on these 10 new LinkedIn features. These are particularly helpful if you are actively job searching but even if you aren’t, they are worth knowing about! If you are like most LinkedIn users, you just don’t log in to the platform often enough to be able to figure out the...
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Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Today, the vast majority of business professionals and job seekers are using LinkedIn as their resume to proactively learn about new opportunities that can advance their careers. As a result, LinkedIn has quickly risen to the top of the recruiting chain. With its millions of users and targeted groups, this social platform is a key...
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The LinkedIn Hacks Every Recruiter Loves

LinkedIn. A bit of a beast, but also the best way forward when you're on the job hunt. Here are some hacks most of the other candidates aren't using.

1. Use the "See Who's Viewed Your Profile" tool to your advantage

We know. It's embarrassing. But you can use that creepy tracking system to...

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20 Easy Updates To Make You More Hireable On LinkedIn

By now, you already know why LinkedIn is vital to your job search. As the fifth fastest-growing social network in the world, LinkedIn reaches far and wide, and the sheer number of users on the site means you have to ramp up your efforts to stand out. Of course, there’s a right way to stand out. You...
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Your LinkedIn Headline — 10 Tips & Examples to Increase Profile Views

After recruiters look at your photo, your LinkedIn headline is the next item they scan in their search results.

Because of this, a well-crafted, professional headline plays a critical role in convincing a recruiter to click through to your full profile to learn more about you. Screw your headline up and they might never get to know...
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The Five Worst Things To Say In Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your billboard to the world. Years ago, people built personal websites and showcased their resumes and professional accomplishments on them. Who needs a personal website now? Your LinkedIn profile is your personal website! There are over 300 million people using LinkedIn, not including you and me! Because LinkedIn is so huge and because most...
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