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Networking on LinkedIn: Quick-Start Guide & Message Templates

I've been hard at work on another freebie download--LinkedIn Networking Quick-Start Guide with Email & Message Templates. This super awesome PDF download goes over everything you should be doing on LinkedIn. It includes exactly what you need to write in your next LinkedIn message when sending a connection request, obtaining a referral/recommendation, or contacting someone you...
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Getting Referrals – LinkedIn Message Template

Everyone wants to be referred to a company. But how do you get a referral without making it seem like you are asking for a handout? One great way to get a referral into a company is look at your LinkedIn Network and see who currently works for that company. If you have a friend...
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Set up LinkedIn for Networking

When you think of networking, you probably think of networking in the traditional sense--in person, one-on-one. Online networking is helpful too! One of the easiest ways to get started with online networking is to build up your LinkedIn profile so people can find you and you can make new connections. Follow this LinkedIn Beginner's...
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