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Is Your Job-Search Advice Wildly Outdated?

If you ever advise friends or family members on their job search, are you sure that your advice is up to date? Job searching has changed significantly in the last 10 years, and a lot of traditional advice no longer matches up with how successful job searches work today. In fact, most job...
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10 Things Employers Love To See

Applying for a new job? Here are 10 things to showcase in your resume, cover letter, social media updates, and interview. Strategically highlight your strengths, and the right employer could find you irresistible!

 1. Samples of work

In the old days, the only way you could show off your work was to carry a portfolio into the interview....
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The Biggest Mistake Job Seekers Make

If you are currently seeking employment and you have done the following, you may feel like you’re doing everything right: You’ve updated your resume and LinkedIn profile. You are regularly sending in applications online. You are attending networking events. You’re expanding your network through LinkedIn. All of these are perfect, and things you need to be...
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You Really Don’t Want To Lie About These 5 Things On A Resume

It’s tough to stay competitive as a job seeker. It seems everyone has the same qualifications as you, if not better. Maybe you’ve considered stretching the truth on your resume just to have employers give you a chance. Don’t, because there’s a good chance you’ll be caught. In fact, 56 percent of hiring managers have found lies on candidates’...
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Why You Should Never Walk Into a Job Interview Empty-Handed

How to create your own marketing toolkit to leave with employers.

First impressions matter. A job interview is indeed your first opportunity to impress upon a prospective employer just how amazing you are. And yet many people make one really simple, easy-to-fix mistake that sets the tone for the entire thing: They walk...

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The Top 10 Networking Mistakes

These common blunders ruin the experience for both you and your potential contacts.

There is a right way and a wrong way to network. If you are one of those people who hate to network and view it as phony or pretentious, then you are doing it all wrong....
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