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Everything You Need To Know About Job Interviews

Job interviews are the worst. Good thing we've got tons of real talk tips.
Career Contessa has been writing articles about everything career-related for years now so we figured we'd round up some of the best advice on our favorite topics. 'Cause you know, who wants to go wading through the archives?

We're calling...

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Here’s Why the Resume Isn’t Dead Yet

While technology is an important part of the job search equation, it doesn’t trump thought-work, introspection and proper targeting. Yes, totally ignoring technology can potentially be harmful, in that disregarding its value could equate to missed opportunities. However, overshadowing the process with a hyper-focus on technology’s ability to catapult your results can be equally harmful.  

Why You Must Not...

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The LinkedIn Hacks Every Recruiter Loves

LinkedIn. A bit of a beast, but also the best way forward when you're on the job hunt. Here are some hacks most of the other candidates aren't using.


1. Use the "See Who's Viewed Your Profile" tool to your advantage

We know. It's embarrassing. But you can use that creepy tracking system to...

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15 Qualities Of A Successful Job Seeker

Are you the perfect job applicant?  When recruiting, there are certain traits employers look for in the ideal job seeker. While we are not born with every desired trait, it is imperative we gain these attributes as we continue in our career and subsequently during our next job search. You should remember that no job applicant is...
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5 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

These days, video-based job interviews are becoming more frequent, but they’re still far from the norm. If and when you get a notification that an interview won’t be in-person, it will likely create some additional anxiety. And let’s face it: interviews are already stressful enough! Whether it’s conducted by a live video conference, via Skype for example,...
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Networking Mistakes That Are Killing Your Game

Most of us get as excited about networking as we do about a root canal. But the thing is, it's a pretty big deal.

There’s a not-so-secret secret to job hunting that a lot of people like to ignore: when it comes to your career, “pull” is just as important, if not more important, than...
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The Biggest Mistake Job Seekers Make

If you are currently seeking employment and you have done the following, you may feel like you’re doing everything right: You’ve updated your resume and LinkedIn profile. You are regularly sending in applications online. You are attending networking events. You’re expanding your network through LinkedIn. All of these are perfect, and things you need to be...
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Using Social Media To Find Your Next Job

    [audio mp3="http://ekcareers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/092115_110630.mp3"][/audio] Guests: Kevin Grubb and Hannah Morgan In the old days, looking for a job meant polishing your resume and drafting an attention-getting cover letter. Now, with the increasing use of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter, job hunters have lots of new tools to use. Building a personal brand, calling on your social...
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8 Things No Recruiter Ever Wants to See on Your Resume

Your resume is essential to helping you get a job – you’re unlikely to get far without it. As a record of your achievement, it (ideally) lays out for an employer exactly what you have done and therefore that you can do the job for which you’re applying. Sounds simple enough, but occasionally people slip up...
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4 Signs It’s Time to Start Looking for a New Job

No matter how you feel about your job, there comes a time when you need to move on. So why is extending those what’s-out-there feelers so hard to do? “Even when you’re unhappy and know it’s time to leave, the familiarity comfort zone beckons you to stay,” said Vicki Salemi, career expert for Monster. It’s...
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