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16 of the Best Motivational Speeches of All Time

Let's face reality: It's hard, if not impossible, to feel motivated all the time. Some days you just want to put your feet up, eat buffalo chicken nachos, and watch Netflix -- and not even good Netflix, but some crappy movie that you're only watching because you've given up on being productive and are complicit in...
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5 things to do when you have too many ideas and never finish anything

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed with too many ideas? Do you abandon them, or do you finish what you start? Juggling multiple ideas and goals — to write, exercise, read more, wake up early and so on — is a tough gig that often begins with excitement, but ends with procrastination, and failure to...
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5 Steps to Boost Office Morale During the Winter Months

The summer months are sadly coming to an end, and as the sun goes in, businesses can often notice a decrease in morale. The winter blues can have a huge effect on the motivation and productivity of your workforce, so introducing some new morale boosting methods will help your employees shake-off the dip in productivity.

Step 1...

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