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What if You Got a Raise, But Aren’t Happy With It?

Some workers go years without seeing a bump in their income. But what if you recently received a raise, only you aren’t happy with the final number? It’s a tricky spot to be in. On the one hand, it’s hard to broach the topic with your manager because it’s not like your wages...
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5 Things Not to Say When Negotiating Your Salary

When you’re asked that dreaded question about your current salary during an interview and what you’d like to earn, it’s important to be prepared so you don’t underbid yourself. Have an idea for what you’d like to earn, but keep in mind that your salary is negotiable. In general, the initial offer is a starting point for...
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9 Tips to Negotiate Your Starting Salary

How would you like to get a raise before you have the job offer? It is possible, and candidates are doing it right now. Employers are not averse to increasing pay packages to secure the right candidate. If you have the kind of specialist skill or unique experience that employers are desperately seeking right now, it could pay...
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5 Rules of Salary Negotiation

Are you hoping to receive an awesome job offer? Are you praying that your employer will give you a raise? Whether it’s the fear of being perceived as pushy or feeling uncomfortable about the negotiation process, professionals are hesitant when it comes to salary negotiation. Make it a goal to earn the salary you deserve. Instead of fearing salary negotiation,...
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What Your Secret Fears Mean For Your Negotiation Success

Part of being an effective negotiator is being able to overcome objections with creative solutions. Most of the time, I’m coaching people on how to overcome objections from the other side. But I’ve also spent a fair amount of time helping people deal with their own objections about why they should make more. Do any of...
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6 Things To Think About Before Giving A Salary Range

To give or not to give a range? That’s one of the daunting questions jobseekers ask themselves before entering the negotiating room. Choosing the wrong strategy can leave a lot of money on the table over your career. And probably not coincidentally, this is why negotiating your salary is such an intimidating and agonizing process for most people. Before you decide...
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4 Ways You’re Messing Up Your Salary Negotiations Early In Your Career

You just got the call you've been waiting for. After several rounds of interviews for a job you really want, it's finally time to get down to discussing the offer. If you're relatively new to the workforce—and especially if you're about to negotiate your very first job offer—there are some...
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Staying or Going? How to Negotiate More Money

Times are tough, while the future looks bright.  If you thought being comfortable was your goal, it’s time for a re-think. We’re in the 4th revolution. The job economy is hurtling towards automation, AI and robotics which impact the workplace, radically transforming every aspect of how work gets done. Let’s take a reality check on what this...
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How to Respond to the Salary Question

The question "What are your salary requirements?" can strike fear into the eager hearts of job seekers. Here, a reader asks for advice on how to respond:
When you are applying for a job and an interviewer asks for your salary requirements, how should you respond, especially if you do not have a current salary?
Our answer:...
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