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20 Easy Updates To Make You More Hireable On LinkedIn

By now, you already know why LinkedIn is vital to your job search. As the fifth fastest-growing social network in the world, LinkedIn reaches far and wide, and the sheer number of users on the site means you have to ramp up your efforts to stand out. Of course, there’s a right way to stand out. You...
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Using Social Media To Find Your Next Job

    [audio mp3="http://ekcareers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/092115_110630.mp3"][/audio] Guests: Kevin Grubb and Hannah Morgan In the old days, looking for a job meant polishing your resume and drafting an attention-getting cover letter. Now, with the increasing use of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter, job hunters have lots of new tools to use. Building a personal brand, calling on your social...
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Set up LinkedIn for Networking

When you think of networking, you probably think of networking in the traditional sense--in person, one-on-one. Online networking is helpful too! One of the easiest ways to get started with online networking is to build up your LinkedIn profile so people can find you and you can make new connections. Follow this LinkedIn Beginner's...
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