Month: September 2015

Q&A: Job Titles

Early this week, I was asked this question by an engineer at Microsoft regarding job titles: How important are internal titles vs. the industry standard titles? I am worried about this nuisance of employment titles in background checks if I want to switch companies later in my career. For example, for me is it better …

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Free Cover Letter Guide

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Job = Life

If you are a typical full-time, working American, you probably spend nearly 70% of your day sleeping or working. The average American (ages 25-54 with children) spends 8.7 hours working each weekday. This doesn’t include any commute time either. When more than 2/3 of your day is spent working or sleeping, you really should do …

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Interview Fail

An article on had some great advice on how to know when an you are NOT ‘winning’ an interview. To Summarize: You’re only getting easy questions. The interviewer doesn’t ask about your availability to start. The interviewer doesn’t discuss the rest of the hiring process. Your interview is shorter than scheduled. Of course sometimes …

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Set up LinkedIn for Networking

When you think of networking, you probably think of networking in the traditional sense–in person, one-on-one. Online networking is helpful too! One of the easiest ways to get started with online networking is to build up your LinkedIn profile so people can find you and you can make new connections. Follow this LinkedIn Beginner’s Guide …

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Not getting interviews?

I recently came across an article on titled “Six Months, 200 Applications, No Interviews: What Now?“. The gist of the article is a job seeker has applied to several companies over a few months and has never heard back. The author responds with her reasoning on why she believes this is: The online application …

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