4 Smart Ways to Be Easier for Employers to Find on LinkedIn

1. Make your Profile complete and robust, adding your accomplishments.

If you have just a basic profile without much information, you are likely dooming yourself to oblivion. Make certain that you go above and beyond just listing your current and past employers and roles to include relevant accomplishments. Then flesh out your profile to include up to 50 key skills that are needed (and which you have) for roles appropriate for your career advancement.

2. Research your competitors.

Do your own search for people who currently have the jobs you are most interested in filling, and to the full extent possible, mimic them. Present yourself as the person who is doing what needs to be done whenever it is honest to do so. Match up your skills to theirs, your accomplishments to theirs and so on. Make yourself look like the person who has the job you seek, without misrepresenting yourself or copying someone else’s Profile (because no one is exactly like you!).

3. Leverage LinkedIn Groups and Updates.

Join the same LinkedIn groups as the people who hold the jobs you seek belong to. Look at the updates those people post, and post similar things that show yourself to be like them.

4. Focus on your target employers.

Make certain to network and get connections in your target companies. That way, you will show up as a connection for LinkedIn’s recruiters referral search. And if you have an interesting profile, someone from that company is likely to reach out to you.

This article excerpt was originally posted on Job-Hunt


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