Evaluate – Strategize – Empower

Defining yourself as a career counselor is difficult at times. I often hear things like, “Oh, so you just write resumes … You work from home, how hard is that? … Can’t I just find all that info online? … Wait, you can’t use your recruiting contacts to ensure I get the job (even though we just met and I’m a total tool)? … But, I wanted help for free.”

No, I don’t just write resumes. Yes, you can find some of the information online. No, I can’t guarantee employment. And, no I can’t make a living off free (although yes, I do make adjustments for special circumstances).

Sifting through the negatives and focusing on the positives is part of what every small business owner must do to be successful. So, what do I do? Simply put, I evaluate my clients needs by listening to their current situation, hopes and aspirations, and perceived dilemmas. Then I strategize a course of action to help them get from point A to point B. Lastly, I empower them by giving them the tools and means to meet their goals.

I’m a coach, counselor, cheerleader all rolled into one. Helping others is what I do and it’s why I love my job!


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