How to Eliminate Loneliness as a Remote Worker

Remote work is loaded with benefits, but it takes some getting used to—and if you’re new to it, it can be particularly easy to get lonely. Happily, that can change. Read on as EK Careers provides practical tips to make those feelings of isolation subside:

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

How are you and your team keeping things on track? Being connected to your fellow workers throughout your work day ensures everyone stays on the same page, it keeps lines of communication open, projects make better progress and they are completed more efficiently. Plus, of course, it helps you feel less isolated. Thankfully, our digital world can come to the rescue! There are plenty of tools that can help you stay connected and productive. 

Payroll software can improve your and your employees’ efficiency and productivity by simplifying team management and timesheets. The right software can keep the data coming in from your remote team so you can track projects and schedule shifts right from your smartphone.

Replace Professional Isolation with Personal Connection

Transitioning to remote work is tough. When you’re used to being surrounded by people all day in your workplace, you can suddenly feel like you’re stranded on a deserted island. However, as Work-from-Home Depot explains, there are several ways you can feel more connected to others. 

Just like the internet facilitates your work, it can also facilitate socialization and personal connection. Are other folks in your company working remotely? Consider scheduling a virtual happy hour together, or take your coffee breaks or lunch breaks together online. Another idea is to look for online groups centered around your field. Or you could mentor someone new to your industry via the web. You might also connect via social media. Instagram is an awesome visual medium where you can share your remote working thoughts and connect with others within your company as well as remote workers all around the world. Spice up your posts with help from Adobe Spark’s Instagram post maker. Personalize one of their eye-catching post templates to fit your mood and message and you’ll be ready to connect! Put the internet to work in a way that not only allows you to pursue your vocation, but also to build work-related relationships. 

Adopt a Furry (or Feathered or Finned!) Companion

Adding a furry friend to your household is a great way to reduce feelings of loneliness. In fact, pets are associated with several mental health benefits, beyond their wonderful companionship. They lower cortisol levels, relieve anxiety and stress, and lower blood pressure. Pets reduce your risk for depression, can improve your self-esteem, and even keep you more physically fit. You can add to your good feelings by adopting a homeless pet through a shelter or rescue group, too!

The key is to select the right pet for your lifestyle. Choosing a companion who won’t fit in well with your daily routine will end up making you both miserable, so to make a good match, think about things like how much you like to exercise, the amount of space you have, and how much time you’re willing to spend grooming. 

Include Self-Care for Success

When your routine shifted to being entirely home-based, did you shift your self-care routine as well? Self-care is vital for keeping your mind and body feeling and performing well. Your mood can drop off, health can drop off, and even productivity can drop off. It’s easy to slip into bad habits when your life is disrupted, so evaluate whether you need to refresh your self-care—and keep in mind that it should look a bit different now.

For example, when you work from home, setting proper boundaries might be an important part of your self-care routine, especially if you tend to get carried away and work into the wee hours. Healthy eating habits can quickly fade as well, so keep some nutritious snacks handy like fresh fruits and granola bars. Along those same lines, your workout buddy and favorite gym might have fallen through the cracks when things switched up, so ensure you make exercise part of your new normal. 

If the transition to remote work has you feeling isolated, take heart. Better connection with your team members and friends can lift those negative feelings, as can including a well-chosen pet and better self-care. With the right strategies, you’ll not only reap the benefits of working from home, your new lifestyle will be satisfying and fulfilling. 


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