How to Improve Your Productivity

In today’s ever changing and competitive job market many employees like yourselves continue to feel busier than ever before–whether this is at a new job you just started or at a company you’re already at and you’re getting overwhelmed with a never ending to-do list. It becomes even more of a challenge when you’re tasked with more and more assignments but the deadlines haven’t changed. That being said, there are strategic ways that you can tackle this, and we’ll be covering some of them briefly below. 

You can begin your day by making a list of your high priority items so that what’s important and not are clearly identified. Secondly, you’ll want to organize your list with methods like the Eisenhower Matrix which breaks down these tasks by urgency and importance. In addition, an easy way to save yourself some time is identifying one low-priority activity and try delegating it to another colleague on your team. This leaves more time for you to focus on what’s more important without getting held up by the smaller tasks. 

Thrive Global has outlined several ways on how you can improve on everyday productivity. You may find that these tips will help you stay more organized and accomplish more with tight deadlines. Deciding how to manage your time while you go through your list every week will be crucial in becoming successful in the future. 

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