Job Readiness – How to be prepared from an employer’s perspective

Landing the perfect job takes a lot more than having a certain skill set these days; it also requires a dedication to professionalism and being knowledgeable about how to handle customers or clients, how to speak to people, and how to conduct yourself in business matters. Unfortunately, many job applicants don’t realize this or don’t have the training they need to make a good first impression, meaning they never get past the initial interview. 

Being able to show your potential employer how well you can handle yourself in any situation is another asset. This means thinking on your feet, so being prepared for the interview in every possible way is essential. Not only does this show that you’re willing to go the extra mile, it tells the employer that you take this job seriously. Hiring someone with that kind of attitude means less turnover–and fewer costs–for the company, which is always a good thing. Ready to find out how you can land the perfect job? EK Careers invites you to read on.

Do your homework

Researching the company you’re going to be interviewing with is important, because not only will it give you valuable information regarding what you’ll be doing should you get hired, it also means you’ll be knowledgeable during the initial sit-down with the boss. Find a way to work in some facts about the company by asking questions. This will show that you’re eager to learn and also that you’ve done your research.

Learn soft skills

Being trained in a particular field is a great thing, but it’s not the only thing. It’s important to keep in mind that you have to know how to speak on the phone, how to dress appropriately for the job, how to treat your coworkers, and how to conduct yourself professionally. You can show your interviewer that you have all these skills and more by being on time for your meeting (or, even better, early), dressing appropriately, leaving your cell phone at home or on silent, and thinking about what your responses will be to the interview questions ahead of time. Do some research online and see if you can find out how employees usually dress at that company; some businesses require uniforms, while others allow business casual dress. Some allow tattoos, while others don’t. 

It can also be helpful to hold a “mock interview” with a business professional or a friend. Have them ask some basic interview questions so you can think about how you’ll answer without stumbling over your words on the big day.

Go back to school

A diploma looks good on a resume — there’s no doubt about it. If you never finished college, or you simply want to go back and build upon your education, then you’ll only be doing yourself a favor. Going back to school to get your MBA, for instance, will show potential employers that you possess the skills and determination to handle the job. What’s more, you can pursue these courses one at a time and take classes anywhere you’d like thanks to online universities. Granted, getting a diploma isn’t something you can do overnight, but it’s a long-term goal that you should keep in mind when you decide to search for a job.

Don’t be afraid to talk on the phone

These days, with all the informal messaging mediums available, many people don’t speak on the phone anymore in favor of texting or emailing. This means they’ve lost their confidence where telephone skills are concerned. If you’re one of these people, practice by calling a friend or family member and get back into the habit. This way, if you don’t hear back right away about the job, you can call and speak to the interviewer as a follow-up. Having strong phone skills and being able to speak with confidence will show that you’re capable of having those responsibilities on the job. 

Ask what the company can do for you

So often, interviews are dominated by the employer, meaning they don’t really get to see many sides of their potential employees. And while it’s important to be careful about letting your interviewer speak without interruption, it’s also a good idea to show him what you’re made of. Ask questions, get involved in the conversation, and even throw some ideas out there about how to increase revenue or how to raise employee morale. Show your interviewer that you deserve to be remembered. 

Everyone’s time is valuable, so make a good impression by keeping your appointments and showing up a little early. With some planning and a little preparation, you’ll have the job of your dreams in no time.
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