Lost Your Job Offer? Here’s What to do next

Chances are that you’ve landed a few jobs in your career or you’re working on some applications as we speak. Now imagine if something went wrong and the employer who you’ve just signed a contract with rescinded the offer afterwards. It’s an event most will likely not have to face but you never know what tomorrow brings. After all, they say no job is forever and no offer is guaranteed.  A candidate like yourself dealing with this could have just left a job, been laid off or moved to a new city. The emotional and financial consequences are definitely at stake so you want to have a backup plan whenever possible. On the other hand companies who are hiring want to ideally not waste any time or resources on their end for not filling a position. 

Angel.co has done some research on some reasons why a job may be rescinded and well as how to tackle this. There’s some extremely useful information that can help you get prepared for some of the uncertainties of the hiring process. You’ll find tips on how to approach the situation if it ever arises and even how to move past it for the future. 

After you’ve taken it all in be sure to head over to ekcareers.com and explore your options for career coaching, DIY professional development, and resume writing.


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