Ready for a Career Change? 3 Tips for Professional Women

Did you know that according to an internal report from Hewlett Packard, men will apply for a job even if they are only 60 percent qualified, while women only hit the submit button if they meet 100 percent of the qualifications? For the most part, women feel as if their resumes won’t even make it into the maybe pile if they aren’t a complete fit for the job — and, oddly enough, most men reported feeling the same way. So, what’s the difference then? 


Because of so many different kinds of workplace stigmas and professional stereotypes, women may not feel as confident applying for jobs where they lack some of the qualifications. Unfortunately, this has been holding some women back from landing dream jobs, building successful startups or securing a great promotion. If any of these three sound like your next career move, check out these three tips from EK Careers on how to build the confidence you need to take the leap.

Starting Your Own Business

Whether you can create something useful and unique or provide an unparalleled service experience, you have a talent for something different and are motivated to make it happen. That’s the perfect recipe for starting your own business so you can become your own boss. 

Start with a good idea — if you’re a website designer, start a design firm; if you’re a marketing guru, become a consultant; if you have the savviest business savvy, then launch an e-commerce company. Regardless of the product you choose to make or the service you decide to sell, you are going to need a market analysis and business plan

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, you can pursue funding. Women can often snag business startup grants from the federal government, which helps turn their idea into a business. If you possess leadership skills and are looking to be your own boss, set your own hours and aren’t afraid of long hours and hard work, starting your own business might be the next step on your career path. 

Landing a Big Promotion

You have been a loyal, dedicated employee for several years. Your skills have grown and you’ve matured as a professional and have a natural leadership ability, for both projects and personnel. This might also mean you feel stagnant and under-challenged in your current role. It’s time to go for the next promotion.

Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t something that you can be passive about. It’s a goal you still have to work hard for. Before you begin looking at promotions or talking to management about your next step, you should build a case that makes you an obvious choice. Start by asking for honest feedback about your performance and guidance on how to improve your work. You can also ask for an additional assignment, project, or more responsibilities. Making notable improvements in your work or proving successful when leading can prove to both your company and yourself that you are ready for a promotion.

Changing Jobs

Sometimes it takes a while in a job to realize it’s no longer the right fit. Some people, especially those who work in high-stress fields like social work or advocacy, face burnout — feeling exhaustion, cynicism or a lack of accomplishment in their work. You may not be ready for new responsibilities or a management role, but you are ready for something different. That’s when you know it’s time to change jobs.

Before applying for new jobs, be sure to update your resume, reconnect with your references and do an audit of your online presence. Think about the kind of job that would make you happy: a supportive workplace culture, meaningful work, flexible hours or whatever fuels your desire to do your job. 

You might even need to pursue higher education to reach your goals. Keep in mind that if that is the case, there are universities that allow you to take courses at your own pace so you can reach your goals without sacrificing work-life balance. It’s often the case that the more tools you have in your toolkit — and achievements on your resume — the better, and you’ll be that much more prepared for making your dreams come true.

Women are essential for successful companies, known for bringing unique perspectives, superb communication and collaboration skills, and rounding out creative and critical thinking teams. You have all of that in you — you just need the confidence to believe it.

If you’re ready to level up your career, EK Careers is here to help! We offer career coaching and a variety of courses for professionals to meet career goals. We also customize our coaching services to the individual, which means having guidance on the path that works best for you. For more information, connect with us today! 

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