Stop Saying Sorry At Work To Change Your Life

Do you find yourself apologizing out of habit? Have you apologized for instances where something wasn’t your fault or you were worried about what would happen if you didn’t? You may consider whether the apology was warranted the next time it leaves your lips. Often, it’s a reaction that occurs just to mitigate conflict or absorb the blame. This can be tied to imposter syndrome where you lack self-confidence in your position. You could feel as though you have doubts about your abilities, achievements or negative self-talk. Even dwelling on mistakes or assuming no one else makes the same mistakes as you. Instead, take the opportunity to move past negative self-talk and consider changing old habits. 

One lesson to think about is trying not to compare yourself to others. You only know as much as you see on the surface. Instead try focusing more on yourself whether it’s working towards that next promotion or investing in self-care. Another takeaway would be to use that fear you may have as fuel instead of having it get in your way. Fear can motivate people in life to push themselves out of their comfort zones. So use that energy to make some changes you were hesitant about before. The worst that can happen is that it didn’t work out but you’re not necessarily in a different position than if you didn’t try. 

TheLadders has provided a fantastic article with how apologizing repeatedly whether warranted or not took a toll on this woman’s professional career. After recognizing the impact it was taking she had decided to make some positive changes. You can too and it starts with a few tips that will help change your approach, vocabulary and stopping the unnecessary apologies. 
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