The Most Useful Job Hunting Sites of 2021

What better way to start off the new year than to pull out that old resume and start looking around? After an unprecedented year behind us millions are still without work or wondering if they’re next after seeing companies across the globe struggling with the pandemic. Whether you’ve been in the professional industry for years or just out of college there’s hope out there for you. Fortunately you can get a head start with knowing the right places to look for the next company that’ll move your career forward. With some time set aside and determination you’ll be coming out of this feeling confident and ready to tackle the applications.

Consumers Advocate has done all the heavy lifting by researching the best job hunting websites and compiled it in one spot to read. Their analysis includes an in-depth comparison on the best sites as well as other extremely useful suggestions you’ll need while looking around. The job searching industry has come a long way from decades ago. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure you’re headed in the right direction at a time where there are thousands of companies looking for a candidate and candidates competing with you for the same position.  In addition, you’ll find tips and tricks on their page that you can use on your journey whether you’re a veteran in the field or sending out your resume to the world for the first time. There’s even a section for how to optimize your application so that you’ll feel confident sending applications that are taken through the employer ATS systems. This is a system that HR not only uses to track applicants but looks for keywords on your resume. Therefore, if it isn’t optimized correctly the employer may never see your resume in the stack. 

We found the best website for you that’s going to break down the top sites to job hunt out of the dozens that are out there. 

After you’ve gotten your feet wet be sure to head over to and explore your options for career coaching, DIY professional development, and resume writing.


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