There’s 1 Thing You Should Never Do on a Zoom Call

Got a Zoom Call coming up? Here’s Some Tips 

The popularity of Zoom and other video call alternatives have skyrocketed since the start of 2020 and for good reason. With an estimated over 5.5 million people working from home last year there’s a good chance you’re one of them. Like with anything else, there’s a certain unspoken etiquette on the video calls. You may want to avoid drinking or eating on the call as it could cause distractions to the rest of the attendees. In addition, you’ll want to avoid any kind of alcoholic beverage as you’ll want to maintain a professional presence while together with your colleagues. On the other hand, the general consensus for casual meetings is going to be the outfit you’re going to wear won’t have to be as professional as a work setting. Depending who you’re with on the next video call whether it’s family and friends or people from the office. It’ll be up to you to decide what the right call is to make with how you’ll be behaving. 

The Ladders has done some research on what the best etiquette is for your upcoming zoom calls as well as some tips you can take advantage of. Everything from trying to avoid being a distraction to others with that sip of coffee or munching on your lunch on video. Starting to remind yourself to mute on the call would be a great start if you haven’t already! 

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