Unwind with a Good Book this Holiday Break

The holidays are great for spending time with families and friends, but sometimes you just want time to yourself. Don’t forget about YOU! If you are traveling or have some leisure time, check out a new book to keep those mind muscles in use while escaping the work week rut.

I scoured the internet for a free ebook to share with my readers and came Runaway Goodness which offers a free e-book for your Kindle or Nook in the genre of your choice: Runaway Goodness. Download and read in your “down” time this holiday season.

Sign up for your free e-book from Runaway Goodness here

Runaway Goodness is a free service for readers promoting high-quality, low-priced books, free books, and other unique book deals. Runaway Goodness promotes books of all genres, from a variety of sources, and across all major ebook platforms. We are committed to offering a high-quality selection, personalized to your selected preferences.


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