Were you ghosted after an interview?

One situation that most of us have faced at least once by now is not hearing back from a company after interviews. Although at the moment you may feel like it was something you did, there’s actually several reasons this may have happened (with a few that are completely out of your control).

One reason could be that the company no longer needs to fill the position (perhaps the role has changed or maybe the company cannot afford it any longer due to budget costs). Secondly, there’s the chance that the hiring manager or recruiter that is managing that position either leaves the company abruptly or goes on vacation for a certain period of time. Another reason you didn’t hear back from the company is if you thought that it went really well with the interview but the company did not feel the same way. You’d be surprised at the number of companies who don’t provide the courtesy of contacting you after they closed a role. 

If you do happen to run into this kind of situation, there are a few things you can do. Following up with the company by email demonstrates that you’re still interested and willing to see what else is left to be done in the process. That being said, you should consider reaching out through other means if the recruiter continues to ghost you (such as social media and other contacts you already know at the organization from your interviews). It’s possible the recruiter is on vacation or doesn’t work there anymore so check LinkedIn. 

The Ladders  has listed a few ways that you can handle a scenario such as not hearing back from a company you’ve been applying to. While this happens more often than you may think there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the opportunity to reach out yourself and not wait until weeks later for a response from them.

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