You Should Switch Jobs Every 3 Years

In the past, there was a stigma behind a job applicant having too many companies within a certain time period on their resume. Now this stigma has quickly become outdated as the job market has changed over the years as well as millennials entering the workforce. One statistic that Fast Company shares is that workers who stay with a company longer than two years can potentially make up to 50% less than their peers. For instance, these job hoppers (who are constantly out of their comfort zone) learn to adapt quickly in the new company because they have to make a great impression. As a result, despite the high learning curve it’s said to flatten over three years.  Not to mention if you’re not changing jobs every few years you’re not developing skills quickly enough which leads to career instability. In the past, the consensus was that these employees who stay in their roles long-term aren’t learning at a high enough rate compared to their counterparts and don’t stay engaged. In addition, these long-term employees happen to potentially be the ones who are least productive, complacent and are less receptive than the job hoppers. However, since every situation is different, you may be in a great spot right now and not in need of a change.

Fast Company has put together a fascinating read that can open your eyes to how there could potentially be more money waiting for you at your next company. You’ll learn how the job market has started heading into a different direction with employee retention over the decades and this could be the opportunity for you to start a new chapter in your life. 

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